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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Claire and Tim

The wedding of Claire and Tim was was pretty cool, and I would know cool, because , I have a bumbag #noted thanks guys. Also it included some pretty necessary ingredients; canapes on the lawns of the family property, a decked out marquee that looked as impressive as a five star hotel and ridiculously cute little flowergirls and pageboys. My favourite thing about the day could have been the brides gorgeous interchangable two piece gown *that is one dress, two skirt options..you'll see what I mean..  It also could have been seeing the brides gorgeous sister and little family #coupleswhosweddingsIdid  It was a beautiful day. But my top moment was when we were strolling out in the paddock with the sheep, watching an amazing sunset, just two people in love (oh yeah and a photographer and video guy) getting to reflect on a bit of an amazing day when Claire asked 'has anyone seen the band?' you need to understand the reason why a short silence and a lot of laughter followed, because our bride had, not one, but two minor crisiss to deal with that morning, things that any normal bride could have a mild meltdown over. I  told her that you know things happen in threes...not that I wanted to stress her out anymore, but its just a fact, this is the way of the universe. Right on cue the mini bus with the most awesome band pulls into the driveway.
What followed was one of the best nights ever. Thanks Claire and Tim for asking me to be there to capture your day, thanks Moondance, it was truly fantabulous.. yep I didn't want to leave


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