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Friday, March 14, 2014

Haylie and Tim

Haylie and Tims wedding day. Where to start, perhaps it summed up just about everything I love about being a wedding photographer.  Yes, it had every trimming you could ask for, perfect posies of peonies * Scooters Flowers you are the bomb , vintage lace and buicks  ..Note *a guide for the styled bride.. but more than that, so, SO much more. My favorite moment of the day was when tears welled, when the very handsome groom laid his eyes on his beautiful bride as she walked down the aisle, there is something so pure and honest when you see a guy cry. Its the real deal, there just is  no more. Its just pure wholehearted love. And love was coming in every direction, we all got plastered in it. What a beautiful magical day happened right here. Hope you enjoy these few images we took x


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  1. Absolutely breathtaking. I will definitely look you up for photography at my wedding next year.
    What church did they use? Its so fresh and bright.

    1. its the Brucedale Chapel, only little , but very cute! thanks so much Emma x

  2. These photos are sooooo beautiful TIna, I especially love the black and white shots! It screams vintage romance!

    xo, Van