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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Damien + Courtney

Courtney and Damien had a little wedding, normally I would expect a little hype and a little back and forth emailing and what nots, but Ms Courtney just was happy to let it all happen. I love that.. so I can just walk in and start taking some pics?  the super relaxed (with maybe a few internal nerve bubbles over flowing) Ms Courtney and Damo were a pleasure to photograph, they laughed, they cried, they totally got married, and all the whilst I took like 'a few' photos, actually I nearly blew my all time record, but it was all their fault. #beautiful shot #just one more ..  A good day was had and some very happy memories were made, please enjoy reliving this beautiful Magpies Nest wedding starring Courtney and her husband Damo. Enjoy x

Wagga Wagga Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Magpies Nest Restaurant Wagga Wagga 

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